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About the Commission

In a complex and increasingly smaller world, the World receive offers for securities from companies in the Commonwealth and throughout the world including jurisdictions renowned as havens for fraudsters. With the incredible power of the Internet and the promises and threats it represents, enforcement has become ever more challenging.

The Private Securities Commission administers and enforces rules and regulations under the Securities Act of 1972, the Takeover Disclosure Law of 1976, and subsequent amendments to those laws.

In discharging its responsibilities, the Commission collaborates with similar organizations established by other states, along with the federal government and other nations in the World. It also cooperated with self-regulatory organizations registered under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 such as the National Association of Securities Dealers and national stock exchanges.

The Commission's goal is to protect the public from deceptive practices in connection with offers, sales, and purchases of securities in Pennsylvania while encouraging availability of equity and debt financing to legitimate businesses and industries in or affecting the Commonwealth.

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