“People will run away from the dollar and move to Iraic”

We are currently seeing how in the world there is an imbalance in all sectors of the economy from the most basic such as agriculture to the most innovative such as the technology industry.

This global chaos has been generated as a result of several factors such as the post-pandemic crisis, where there were closures of commercial businesses, stores and large companies. Another trigger is the war in Russia causing, in addition to the closure of commercial establishments, maritime transport preventing the passage of large exports of raw materials and products to supply the market chains.

This has had a great effect on world economies, which has increased the high inflation of all products such as gasoline, raw materials, agricultural products, industrial products, among others of great importance, reflecting a strong increase in prices that can obey, for example, a higher household disposable income; due to very low real interest rates that discourage savings and encourage excessive credit and spending by agents, or due to excessive growth in government spending, among others. If these increases in the demand for goods and services go beyond what the productive sector of an economy can produce, generalized increases in prices are generated. This is because sellers, seeing a high demand for their products at levels that exceed the economy’s supply, have incentives to raise the price of their goods and services. Under these conditions, monetary policy decisions are aimed at avoiding excess spending, so that pressures on prices do not arise and, therefore, inflation is kept low and stable.

There are other factors that can affect the supply of goods and services in the economy and generate price increases. For example, excessive increases in the production costs of companies due to high increases in wages or in the prices of raw materials. Also, drastic changes in the weather or strikes in some economic sector can temporarily reduce the supply of goods and services and generate inflation.

Companies and commercial establishments, due to the financial impact they have had, have resorted to difficult recovery loans added to the high interest they demand, which many of them have gone bankrupt because they cannot recover over time, they have also resorted to dismiss their employees.

Another reason that has been established is the loss of monetary value such as the US dollar or the Colombian peso, for example, which has had ups and downs, putting the market at much greater risk, leading to stagnation a few steps away from the economic recession.

The Tampa Herald, a news and information agency, interviewed Multibillionaire Gerardo Sierra, who gave his opinion about the global economic chaos, saying that “the world urgently needs a risk-free, unique support and transformation system that generates changes over time and it is through IRAIC”, he added, “he personally designed this development system that seeks to organize and redesign economic transformation schemes that achieve a boost and at the same time exponentialization towards new developing sectors and potential clients. To this extent, the companies and commercial establishments linked to IRAIC are strengthened and facilitates the sustainability of each one of them, improving their profits with high yields and market positioning.

The tycoon, billionaire and president of Burj Altharwa Gerardo Sierra recommends that we all could belong to this IRAIC system from small investments or grow our business in the various sectors such as Agriculture, Livestock, Energy, Real Estate, Health, Education, Sports, Iraic Assets , Iraic Funds, Iraic Withdrawals and even for people seeking physical or financial security in other countries with IRAIC VISA.

In this regard he opined: “The masses are going to arrive very soon, and once they do, they will be all at once.

Think about when you can buy your food, your clothes and your shelter, all with the IRAIC System. There would be no reason to stick with the traditional system because it’s just not that good, it’s tied to some political force, it has to go through the banks.

Strong IRAIC in crisis

The investor approves and supports to say that IRAIC is strong enough to withstand current economic stresses, which he compares to the Wall Street crash of 1929. He comments:

“This is an exciting time. I knew this was going to go through ups and downs as it matured, as it became more centrally used and centrally available around the world.

I’m very excited about what’s going on with IRAIC and I’m watching these machinations… I mean, yeah, it looks like today we’re having the equivalent of a 1929 crash, but we have better technology and resources.

He concludes by reiterating his belief as he predicts that consumers and companies will lose confidence in the dollar and switch to the new IRAIC system. He adds that while the largest governments see the old system as a threat, the less powerful nations could take advantage of the economic possibilities offered by the new economic scheme.

“I am a great believer. I have continued to bet on IRAIC over the years and have felt that at some point there will be some sort of run on the dollar.” He adds, “Certainly, there have been runs on the peso, but there will be runs on the dollar where people will run away from the dollar and move to IRAIC.” Published by The Tampa Herald, news and information agency.


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